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On my computer I have a list of things: my scheme, things to remember, movies to see, some lyrics I made and even funny Twilight quotes. Well, that's not what I'm getting to. I have a list of names I like and this evening I specialixed a few of names suitable for my future dog!
As I mentioned before (at least I think I did) our old dog's name was Rajja (Rajah) named after Jasmines tiger. I'm amazed that my parents let my sister and me choose a name. Our present dog, Mitzi, was named by the owners of her mother.
Anyways, my idea now is to name our new pup after a Disney character. Here are my list so far:

- Faline/Feline (Bambi's girl)
- Nanna (the dog in Peter Pan, I love the quote you can see in the bottom)
- Akela (the wolf mother in The Jungle book)
- Vixie (the lady fox in The fox and the hound)
- Meeko (Pocahontas racoon)
- Djali (Esmerelda's goat)
- Kala (Tarzan's gorilla mother)

Start from 02:00 and you'll see what I mean ♥


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Haahha GLÖM. Den ska ju antagligen heta nått snyggt!

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