having a GILF time

Publicerad 2010-09-20 14:58:44 i Allmänt,

I am not going to comment on what happend in Sweden last night. It was not something that I'm happy about. and this is my blog where those things doesn't excist.

Today Mimmi and I drove to Umeå to get our second vaccination and run some errands. First stop was the hospital, then two second-hand stores and then lunch with fika and coffee at Ullas. It was just a trip you'd imagine two old ladies doing. I didn't mention that we went to two toy stores, but that's also something a GILF would do, to shop for the grandkids. Yes, I forgot that we also went to two delicatessens, smelled some tea and tasted chocolate.
After all that loveliness I'm glad that I found what I was looking for, some fabric and a ribbon for my Belle outfit!
PS. This is Mimmi's interpretation of our day


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