a new fling thing

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I think I'm gonna start a collection of gift boxes, you know really cute ones! So far I have two...
The good thing about them is that they're just not pretty but practical as well because they're a kind of storage.

Gift box - the new drawer


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I just made the most wonderful cup of hot chocolate! Here's my recipe:

Mix cacao and sugar, take the same amount of each. I was a little wild so I tried with some Cardamom aswell, which made it all taste like Christmas. Take some cream and mix it. I kind of wipped it but do as you like.
Then put in the milk and mix with the rest and put in the microwave.


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This song is from Beauty and the Beast II: The Enchanted Christmas. Hope you like it too.

FYI #4

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Something I think is really hilarious about Disneymovies is that some characters appears in other films.
So Peg, who I told you about before, ended up in a Pet shop!
In 101 Dalmatians she appears in the Pet shop window with her old friend the Bulldog.

Peg with some pupps

Jock, Peg, Bulldog, Tramp and Lady her self ;)


Publicerad 2010-08-28 13:15:45 i Allmänt,

1. One thing I guess is good about being sick is when you are coughing is like a workout for your stomach.

2. When I did the FYI remak things for Lady and the Tramp I really tried to find info that said that the dog named Peg is created after Goldie Hawn (there you have it J).... Well I didn't. And I wonder where I got that thought from in the first place..

This is Peg

Candy left overs

Publicerad 2010-08-28 12:58:53 i Allmänt,

... Gotta love it! I was at the cinema with the A-team yesterday, we saw Toy Story ofc. I think everyone in the audience enjoyed it. But at times I thought it was too scary for a younger audience. I was really freaked out by the disgusting toy named "Baby-face"! Yuck!
Now I'm thinking about wheter I want to go and see the king today or not.. state: undecided

PS. Being a movie-making assistent sucks!

The answer to Miss J's enigma when she held her phone inside a napkin, rubbed it and asked what movie and scene she was visualizing

FYI #2

Publicerad 2010-08-26 11:31:22 i FYI,

"Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color"
This Is Your Life Donald Duck
In this film from 1960 all the yearly Disney characters join in. Enjoy!

FYI #1

Publicerad 2010-08-26 10:46:45 i FYI,

Dear readers! This is the first remark in a serie of information about Disney. Hope you'll learn something new! 

Lady and the Tramp
"The film's opening sequence, in which Darling unwraps a hat box on Christmas morning and finds Lady inside, is based upon an actual incident in Walt Disney's life when he presented his wife Lily with a Chow puppy as a gift in a hat box"


Publicerad 2010-08-24 21:31:19 i Allmänt,

Yesterday evening I went on a walk with my sister and I realized something. I am free!
I can go and do like anything I want! There is nothing that is holding me back, except for my own fear.
For me this feels kind of intimidating because I've never experienced it.

Being free can be scary. PS. love this scene/song


Publicerad 2010-08-24 11:24:22 i Allmänt,

Yesterday I was in town with my mum and sister doing some errands. What I want to say is that I bought supercute errings, they're in silver, one of a kind, made by a Dannish designer and cost 500:-.
Hope I'll never loose them.

PS. I bought them with a gift certificates I got from my uncle at my graduation

bling bling kling kling


Publicerad 2010-08-22 22:07:24 i Allmänt,

I've just seen a film called All about Steve. I like films which you can connect with all kinds of things, this was such a film. The main character made me think of Sally because of her boots and way of being. She was crazy about crosswords which I was just a litte for a while this summer. There was a guy called Angus so I obviously thought of my beloved Wild Kids star. He and two other guys were working as Tv-reporters so there is a lot for me to associate with that. After all, weird but quite good film.

om frukter dig locka

Publicerad 2010-08-22 10:08:55 i Allmänt,

Gårdagen var trevlig. Det var musik, regn, finmiddag bestående av rester, jokk, baileys, sangria och höghaltiga frukter samt skitäcklig sprit.
Nu har jag hittills ätit en banan, som jag spydde upp.
Ska prova en fralla nu. HEEY BABY!


Publicerad 2010-08-20 21:44:42 i Allmänt,

Tomorrow I'll be singing, out loud, for an audience. Hoping for the best.

fresh fyi

Publicerad 2010-08-20 21:39:22 i Allmänt,

Sometimes it's just so nice to just stay in and have a good time on your own (tws/hs). I have just taken a shower, so my hair is fresh and smells great, I have scrubbed my feet so they're fresh, my nails and newly done and I'm just ready for a calm evening with a great movie. Love it!

PS. for my nails I've done a french manicure and then put on silver glitter on the white tip, it looks fresh and luxurious!

Sparkle sparkle on my nails


Publicerad 2010-08-19 18:26:52 i Allmänt,

Earlier, while I was discussing suitable puppy names, I wrote that Akela was Mowgli's wolf mother, which is incorrect. Akela is the Leader of the whole wolf pack... kind of like Jacob ;) kling

Earning, spending, jizzing

Publicerad 2010-08-19 11:12:08 i Allmänt,

Yesterday was a crazy one. I got vaccinated, got a haircut, ate chinese and did a lot of shopping. For help I had my wonderful friend Amanda, she's such a good assistant/stylist! Just for fun we tried out some parfumes, I tried one named Princess. ;) kling
It was kind of nice but I didn't really fall for it.

PS. We also went to the policestation to get a new passport for me and found out that I'm just 1, 71m! That's OMG facts!


Publicerad 2010-08-16 17:27:29 i Allmänt,

Today my family received a card from my cousin, thanking us for attending at her confirmation. The front of the card had a nice looking painting. When I turned to see the back I was really surprised! "Mun och fotmålarna" it said. I laughed, thinking how disgusted my friend Julia would be of this, and turned back to the front. It's amazink how good you can be at painting, even if you don't have any hands!

This one is called "Field of Dasies" and painted by a mouthpainter named Sang-Yeol Lee

crazy dreams

Publicerad 2010-08-15 17:40:59 i Allmänt,

Hahaha, I just remembered what I dreamt this night. One of the things was that I could change design on my blog so I finally could get rid of the fugly RSS button. The second thing was that I fell in love with a fat kid. Hahha, he was like 16 and I had butterflies in my stomach and was walking on clouds... hhahaha, what does this mean?


Publicerad 2010-08-15 17:30:14 i Allmänt,

I think I have started a bad habit. Hahaha, maybe not soo bad.. Anyways, it's nailpolish! I do my nails like every day. Today they are pink and green with sparkles.

Plus this ring on my finger, then the happiness would be completed

the j word

Publicerad 2010-08-14 17:09:32 i Allmänt,

After working hard all summer the ladies and I decided to go abroad! October the 2nd we will leave this, by then cold place, for Alanya, Turkey. JIZZ!

Vacation, here I come!

att vara, eller icke vara, det är frågan!

Publicerad 2010-08-08 20:36:12 i Allmänt,

Just nu funderar jag över om jag vill jobba i höst eller vara arbetslös. Det skulle va skönt att bara jobba 3-4 dagar i veckan, då skulle jag kunna starta igång med "Projekt arbetslös". För er som inte är bekanda med det så är det en lista över saker jag ville göra när jag gått ut skolan och förmodligen inte hade något för mig.
Jag är väldigt inspirerad av alla andra skojsiga crazy peeps som flyttar till gbg, sthlm, far till USA som au pair, bilar genom Sverige mm.
Dock känns det som att jag har väldigt svårt för att ta tummen ur röven och göra något sånt. Att fara iväg sådär känns alldeles för galet för mig. Det är verkligen inget jag skulle våga själv, en seulement, all by myself...
Vad ska det bli av mig?

Påtal om Shakespeare så är ju Lejonkungen baserad på Hamlet

GILF life

Publicerad 2010-08-07 10:53:17 i Allmänt,

Seriously, I know that all my new updates are about GILFs, but I can't help it.
This week one of my favs "Hey girl!" to me. I thought it was really cute, and then we continued talking about his crush (which is also one of my favs). I asked him if they were officiall.. he said no, and left.. not yet, 
I said to myself..
And not to forget, one of the crazier GILFs held an apple and said
"Nåt att bita i!".. THAT MADE MY DAY!

PS. I have a theory that all GILFs are very violent and jerky when they hug someone, and they don't fear to hit your back. Confirm or reject?

Truly something to put your teeth into


Publicerad 2010-08-04 21:07:32 i Allmänt,

Something I really like about my job is that you get lots of compliments from the GILFs. I can't really take everything they say to my heart, but it's always nice to hear sweet things.

Compliments I have got recently:
- You look nice today
- You have such long and bautiful hair
- What nice lips you have
- Everything looks good on a beauty

The compliments I've got would suit much better for this girl

"cock soccer"

Publicerad 2010-08-01 22:53:07 i Allmänt,

Yesterday, I spent the evening with two lovely birds which I'd like to call Jaden and Tudster. J's younger brother wanted to show us, what he thought was, a really funny youtubevideo, where a soccerplayer's package got out of his shorts. He didn't know what keywords he should type in.. but after a while he said that he typed in "cock soccer". We went all quiet for two seconds and then laughed so hard..

Two lovely birds

Two crazy birds, which they can be too

We saw HOND and I realized that this man looks a lot like a guy we call "Dampet", lucky guy!

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