The ride

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It's finally decided! Our ride for the ball will be a BMW Clayton. I have no idea what the real name is, no idea what colour it is but I know that it's brand new and cost like a fortune. So that's positive.

 I hope it looks something like this. That would be ~*magical*~!

Just wanted to show you this, so adorable!

Arriving on a flying elephant would be cool

Or riding on a bear! GASH, that would be cool. A Polar bear!

A flying carpet would be very acceptable

Oh my gash, YES YES YES!


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I love puppies! It's not a weird thing and there's many reasons to love them.
- They're supercute
- They're fun to play with
- They're cozy

My family's dog's name is Mitzi, she's 10 years right now. Since she's pretty old we're thinking of getting a puppy this fall. We are not on the same path concerning the breed. My mum, sister and me want a German Wirehaired Pointer. And my dad want the same breed as our past and present dog, a Finnish Hound.
Though Mitzi is kind of old she surprises me from time to time. yesterday she was really happy and filled with energy. So I ran around chasing her, threw a branch and she started barking with joy and she never barks except for when she's really excited!
I really look forward to get a puppy but that also makes me realize that time is almost up for Mitzi.
I remembered when she was a puppy. Our old dog, Raja (same as Jasmines tiger), was really sick and that Mitzi was a real pain. I don't remember what she was doing but I remember that I was so angry with her. I felt like a volcano, like the lava boiling and I was getting a eruption.

"Som en present!" / Smith in Pocahontas

My friends and I think Pernilla looks a lot like Lady because of her hair, and we like to call her Lady sometimes

Puppies are so cute, even with eyebrows!


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I am so tired! We have a test tomorrow and I haven't really studied for it. But I don't care right now. We discussed this today in my ethics class, wheter you should furfill the temporary happiness and feel bad after because of the consequences or the oppiste. Concerning that kind of things I live my life in the present time.

This is me right now, FML

This is where I will be in an hour......lovely! I love sleeping. It's never a problem for me to fall asleep...but sometimes that's the problem, like I always falls asleep during a movie


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Since I saw the story of Christian the lion I wanted to have a lion so bad. White lions are extra cool.
I know that it will never happend, but you can always dream.

PS. ILL = I love lions

I don't know how many times I've watched this and cried a river

I wish...

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I wish I was a black girl! I believe that all black ladies have an amazink singing voice and that's one of my big dreams too.
Two weeks ago I dyed my hair. The colour I bought was named Blonde. I showed it to my mother..

Mum: What? Are you getting blonde?
Me: No. It's just gonna make my hair a bit more golden. 
Mum: But you're not blonde. You're dark inside.
Me: No mum! It will be neighter lighter nor darker.

She said that I'm dark inside!!! There are many interpretetions. Do I have a dark soul? Am I a black woman inside?
I prefer the last one.

The wishing well

I would love to have a voice like theirs.....GAASH

Love this part:
Who put the glad in gladiator?
Whose daring deeds are great theater?
Isn't he bold?
No one braver
Isn't he sweet
Our fav'rite flavor
Hercules, Hercules,
Hercules, Hercules
Hercules, Hercules

Que pasa Mufasa?

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Meaning, What's up Mufasa?
First of all I just want to say that I love Mufasa. I know that The Lion King is based on Hamlet, it's a fact.
But something else I've been thinking of and I think others have too is that Mufasa is presented as God in many ways.

Proofs of Mufasa being God:
- He's the father
- He's the king
- He appears in the sky

FYI. Simba means lion and Mufasa means king

He lives in you is a song from TLK 2, It's kind of a Jesus Haleluja song but also That's what she said..

PS. Sometimes it's just so fun to say "Mufasa, ´Mufasaa, Mufasa, Mufasaaaaa!"

Al’s pants

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Today I’m wearing pants similar to Aladdin’s. According to a source some random guys called me Aladdin once. Yeah, it’s a compliment and the pants are really comfortable. There is one bad thing about them though. When you wear them, sit and place your hands together in your lap. You look like a real preggo. I guess they’re awesome preggo pants but seriously, who would like to look like a preggo if your not?!

Al's pants. I guess Jasmine's look more like mine but you get the picture.

I just have to say that I'm so in love with this flower

The Belle Of The Ball

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I got home early today and found my mother in the kitchen. She's finally starting the sewing on my prom dress.
I don't know how many hours I've been searching for a dress to buy or a pattern that I like. It's not easy I'll tell you. At last my mother and I just decided to go to a shop, buy a pattern and fabric there and do it ourselves.
Just like Cinderella I have a pink dress and shiny shoes. It's gonna look amazing!
I just have a really big problem left.... I have no earings! I would like to have big and sparkling ones and I found the earing of my dreams a few weeks ago. They cost 9000 SEK! Dream dream dream...

Compared to C-girl my mama didn't have no ball to attend, but she sure is makin my dress

Can't wait til it's done and hangin in my closet lookin beautiful!

Oh, well. What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely... Completely wonderful

Good night princess

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Today is Thuesday, it's the worst day of all in school. I'm very happy with the day though.
I got a call from my friend Amanda asking me if I wanted to go to Thailand with her and some other princesses for three weeks this winter. I told her that I loved the idea, but sensible as I am I wanted to know more exactly how much it would cost. After we hung up, I have been dreaming about it all day. It would be soooo much fun!

Here's my day in pictures

I made it through the swedish nationaltest, it was quite good actually

Good night blog, now I'm going to sleep like a princess


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This is a blog I made for my English C course. I've been thinking about making a blog like this but never pulled out my thumb from my ass.
My name is Lisa, I'm 18 years and I have a great interest for Disney. In this blog I'll write about what's happening in my life and maybe what I think about a few things.

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