plain happy

Publicerad 2010-07-05 23:02:36 i Allmänt,

I just feel so calm and satisfied with life right now. I've been to the movies with some of my sugar sugar tonight, we saw Eclipse and it was really good! I have also cleaned my desk so I have my new computer here now and it looks really good.

PS. My computer is so high-tec, it has a webcam and a fingerprint checking thing which you log in with, JIZZ

On my desk now, a golden picture frame with blue-pink cutie pics

These are two silver frames which I'm planning on having in my new own room in our new summer house, the left one is the house in paradise falls from Up and the other one are som from The Little Mermaid

Also on my desk I have these two cute pink gift boxes. The big one I got from my princesses, inside there was... I don't want to say because it will ruin all this cuteness


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