the prize of a ponana

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You remember I told you on Thursday that I worked 7-15.30 and that no more words were needed? I was wrong.
Yesterday I got a movie ticket from my boss just for starting an hour earlier and doing some shit... Which now feels totally worth it!

Wondering what movie I should see... maybe Shrek


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Today at work we celebrated a GILF's birthday and I made
a kick-ass-cake. Here is the recipe:

- first layer, mix 1 banana with marsansauce
- second layer, put on rasberrysauce
- cover the cake with cream (put some vanillapowder in the cream if you like) and finally cut chocolate and put on strawberries 


Lisa's jazz

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I have a memory of this song and I really would like to find out what it is but my mind can't get a grip of it. Like the sax a lot though!


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I just saw the last episode of The Hills. It feels so sad to think about it that it's really over, but at the same time it was a good time to end it because it would have turned so bad otherwise. Thinking about all the episodes my friends and I have seen and discussed is kind of fun, because The Hills have like been a big thing for us/me the last three years. Happily, we still got Whitney (aka my sister).

Saying goodbye is hard!

"Always choose Paris!" LC

thurs 22 of July

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Crazy times... All I want to say right now is that I think it's really important to have good role models and to communicate.

Today at work I put on Aristocats just for my own pleasure and hoped the GILFs would like it, they fell asleep 10 min into the film..


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Last week at work found something amazink, the tv-channel Nature! Around 10 am there is a show named Wildlife Nannies and it's so cute! It's about people who take care of all kinds of animal babies (Miss T loves this word)!
My favorite cubs are ofc lions and monkeys. Nature is a big hit with the GILFs aswell ;)
Anyways, watching Nature makes me really excited for visiting Africa and work with some baby monkeys, almost too excited!

Another super exciting thing is that my all time love game Donkey Kong Country will be released on Wii, the new game is called Donkey Kong Country Returns. All I can say is "Oh, my gaash!"

Do not hurt a monkey, a monkey is your friend

Sat 10/7

Publicerad 2010-07-11 19:06:56 i Allmänt,

Dear Blog
While I’m writing this I am at my summer house on the island Kalken.
I was convinced this day would bring sunshine, it did not.
Today my mother, sister, two dogs and I have walked around the whole island, it was fun but my shoes hurt my feet. Luckily I brought some candy and Datsie with me. I’m planning on watching “Remember me” tonight, I think it will be great. Since it’s not sunny outside it’s not so hot either, so my plans for taking my first swim for this summer is canceled.
To my room here I brought the frames I showed you on my desk, some stones and seashells from Greece and two candle-holders I got a few years ago. I think it will look really good when it’s done.
Now I’ll just go out a while and eat some cherries, yum.

Where's the doctor?!

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I've just had a crazy-sick good time with some real sugars, Miss J, P and Tudster. We ate dinner at a café just beside the sea and the feeling of summertime was unmistakable. We had so fun and at some points I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and if I was a GILF(Grandmother/-father I like to fuck/find) I would have had a heart attack.

At my job I have som GILFs which I call my GILF-lovers, meaning the ones I like more than the others. Today I emotionally broke up with one of them. She is really cute and so on but her short memory lasts for 30 sec, and it's really hard to have a conversation when she always talks about the same things over and over again.

GILFs, love them, but sometimes they're just too much

good ideas come at all hours

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Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep, which is never a problem for me! I did everything I could, thought of boring things, counted sheep and I even tried Julia's scoop, playing the intro of The 101 Dalmatians. Nothing worked and an hour later I fell asleep. A good thing though was that I named my computer, the name is Datsie. Kind of fun and cute I think and better than "Dattan" or what ever.

One.. not so hard to count and really boring

This was kind of too exiting for me to fall asleep to, because I just jumped to the fun part when the ladies and their matching dogs walk by

plain happy

Publicerad 2010-07-05 23:02:36 i Allmänt,

I just feel so calm and satisfied with life right now. I've been to the movies with some of my sugar sugar tonight, we saw Eclipse and it was really good! I have also cleaned my desk so I have my new computer here now and it looks really good.

PS. My computer is so high-tec, it has a webcam and a fingerprint checking thing which you log in with, JIZZ

On my desk now, a golden picture frame with blue-pink cutie pics

These are two silver frames which I'm planning on having in my new own room in our new summer house, the left one is the house in paradise falls from Up and the other one are som from The Little Mermaid

Also on my desk I have these two cute pink gift boxes. The big one I got from my princesses, inside there was... I don't want to say because it will ruin all this cuteness

things that makes me just a little happier

Publicerad 2010-07-03 21:59:17 i Allmänt,

Hello lovers and bitches. I just thought that I should share some great desktop pictures with you. I think they are a quite big deal, you have to have a beautiful desktop picture that makes you just a little bit happier than you were before. Disney is ofc the answers to this drama!

This is my current which is from Princess and the frog

my old love, which is not Disney but from the amazing Anastasia


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Yesterday out with the girls was so much fun! I don't think I'm lying when I say that everyone of us enjoýed it a lot!
I got what I wanted from the night in eating outdoors, getting big fries and sauce and glamorous drinks. Amanda had me waisted and took care of me, which was her desire and the other ladies got their fabulous company. It was a real girls night out, LOVE IT!

PS. For those who like I have some pretty funny TMI stories!

Now I just want to share some really beautiful and cool pictures with you :D

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