Sat 10/7

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Dear Blog
While I’m writing this I am at my summer house on the island Kalken.
I was convinced this day would bring sunshine, it did not.
Today my mother, sister, two dogs and I have walked around the whole island, it was fun but my shoes hurt my feet. Luckily I brought some candy and Datsie with me. I’m planning on watching “Remember me” tonight, I think it will be great. Since it’s not sunny outside it’s not so hot either, so my plans for taking my first swim for this summer is canceled.
To my room here I brought the frames I showed you on my desk, some stones and seashells from Greece and two candle-holders I got a few years ago. I think it will look really good when it’s done.
Now I’ll just go out a while and eat some cherries, yum.


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