Just Graduated

Publicerad 2010-06-11 11:51:29 i Allmänt,

Yesterday was my graduation. Though this blog was a school project it will be continued thanks to my few but faithful readers. They have insisted on keeping the blog in English aswell. SO since I'm not gonna stop writing I hope you won't stop reading!

The night didn't turn out as crazy as I thought it would. I was home by 02.00 and now I'm feeling awesome. The dinner party my class had was our first and last. It was really nice. I'd like to thank all my mates for the morning, day and night. The preparty was much more fun than at "äpplet", that's how it always is.
PS. next time no drama, please?!

During the three years in school we have grown up...

People were partying and crying...

Farewell school and all that's involved...


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