I wish...

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I wish I was a black girl! I believe that all black ladies have an amazink singing voice and that's one of my big dreams too.
Two weeks ago I dyed my hair. The colour I bought was named Blonde. I showed it to my mother..

Mum: What? Are you getting blonde?
Me: No. It's just gonna make my hair a bit more golden. 
Mum: But you're not blonde. You're dark inside.
Me: No mum! It will be neighter lighter nor darker.

She said that I'm dark inside!!! There are many interpretetions. Do I have a dark soul? Am I a black woman inside?
I prefer the last one.

The wishing well

I would love to have a voice like theirs.....GAASH

Love this part:
Who put the glad in gladiator?
Whose daring deeds are great theater?
Isn't he bold?
No one braver
Isn't he sweet
Our fav'rite flavor
Hercules, Hercules,
Hercules, Hercules
Hercules, Hercules


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