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I love puppies! It's not a weird thing and there's many reasons to love them.
- They're supercute
- They're fun to play with
- They're cozy

My family's dog's name is Mitzi, she's 10 years right now. Since she's pretty old we're thinking of getting a puppy this fall. We are not on the same path concerning the breed. My mum, sister and me want a German Wirehaired Pointer. And my dad want the same breed as our past and present dog, a Finnish Hound.
Though Mitzi is kind of old she surprises me from time to time. yesterday she was really happy and filled with energy. So I ran around chasing her, threw a branch and she started barking with joy and she never barks except for when she's really excited!
I really look forward to get a puppy but that also makes me realize that time is almost up for Mitzi.
I remembered when she was a puppy. Our old dog, Raja (same as Jasmines tiger), was really sick and that Mitzi was a real pain. I don't remember what she was doing but I remember that I was so angry with her. I felt like a volcano, like the lava boiling and I was getting a eruption.

"Som en present!" / Smith in Pocahontas

My friends and I think Pernilla looks a lot like Lady because of her hair, and we like to call her Lady sometimes

Puppies are so cute, even with eyebrows!


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