Que pasa Mufasa?

Publicerad 2010-05-21 10:42:40 i Allmänt,

Meaning, What's up Mufasa?
First of all I just want to say that I love Mufasa. I know that The Lion King is based on Hamlet, it's a fact.
But something else I've been thinking of and I think others have too is that Mufasa is presented as God in many ways.

Proofs of Mufasa being God:
- He's the father
- He's the king
- He appears in the sky

FYI. Simba means lion and Mufasa means king

He lives in you is a song from TLK 2, It's kind of a Jesus Haleluja song but also That's what she said..

PS. Sometimes it's just so fun to say "Mufasa, ´Mufasaa, Mufasa, Mufasaaaaa!"


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