Publicerad 2010-09-02 22:24:50 i Allmänt,

My sister has been cleaning up in her room, she gave me some stuff to see if I wanted any of it. I found five fabulous old classic Disney tapes! Right now I'm listening to TaleSpin! I didn't remember that the villain was named Shere Khan just like in the Junglebook. But listening to it I remember that I've heared it before. LIKE!
And the sound for changing page in the book is absolutely AMAZINGK, it's like a sparkling ~kling~! LOVE!

Besides I've had a great day!

TaleSping makes me think of my cousins because I remember that we used to watch this at their house.
Hope you are reading my blog Pauline, who actually can handle a plane! Hope she has sung this song while doing so!


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