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Som sagt så såg jag och Julia BATB för några dagar sedan, därför postar jag nu några suitable FYIs.

In Beauty and the Beast caricatures of the directors, Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale, can be seen in the scene where Belle is given the book as a gift. As she is leaving the store three men are seen pretending to not look through the window and then they sing, "Look there she goes. The girl who's so peculiar. I wonder if she's feeling well." They are the two men on the outside of the large blonde man.
Watch the scene from 2:00

Plot holes: Sometime after the opening number, Phillipe abandons Maurice in the woods, sometime before Maurice finds the castle. Later, Phillipe is able to direct Belle to the castle. This makes no sense because he had never been to the castle prior to this. Maurice, on the other hand, returns to the village midway through the film and somehow gets lost trying to return to the castle, even though he had been there before. Later, Gaston and his henchmen have no trouble finding the castle, even though they've never been there (Gaston does, however, have the magic mirror). Perhaps the biggest error of all is the fact that none of the villagers seem to have seen or heard of this "hidden" kingdom, which sits on a bluff on top of a mountain, overlooking the village.

Anachronisms: The band plays "The Bridal march" (better know as "here comes the bride" to most people) composed by Richard Wagner. Wagner composed it sometime in the mid 19th century. The movie takes place sometime around the mid 18th century. The bridal march was not played in places other than Germany until the late 19th century or early 20th century.

Something I found myself watching it this time was Clocksworth doing the same dance as the dwarf Doopey/Toker in Snow White. Watch from 3:58.


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vi såg ju även att när en av byborna blir rapad av graderoben så kom han ut som ariel!

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